Ram 5500-based GXV Adventure Truck Is the Perfect Bug-Out Mobile

May 09, 2019

Ram 5500-based GXV Adventure Truck Is the Perfect Bug-Out Mobile

Taking a break from city life is a welcome change of scenery. But even in this scenario, one needs a dependable vehicle to get from point A to point B. The GEV Adventure Truck is more than that, packing all the creature comforts you could imagine from a bug-out mobile.

Pricing starts from $198,000, which is a lot of greenbacks when compared to the Ram 5550 Chassis Cab on which it's based. For reference, the MSRP for the Tradesman trim level with rear-wheel drive and the regular cab is $39,595 while the crew cab with 4x4 and the longest wheelbase available levels up to $46,545.

With a footprint of 21.5 feet, Global Expedition Vehicles claims their newcomer has “all the amenities needed for weekend trips or a journey to South America, or beyond.” The Ford F-550 can be used as the donor vehicle as well, leaving the customer to decide which of the two is the better building block for the GEV Adventure Truck.

10 feet high and capable of holding up to 90 gallons of fresh water, the dually pickup also features 650 watts of solar panels. In total, the battery bank can take up to 20,000 watt-hours. In other words, plenty enough to charge your phone for an extended excursion off the beaten path.

Those who suffer from range anxiety need not worry; the fuel tank can hold up to 100 gallons of gasoline or diesel, depending on the engine option the customer specifies. The commercial-grade HEMI V8 with 6.4 liters displacement comes standard, but the 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel inline-six has the upper hand in terms of torque and efficiency.

Of course, a 26-gallon wastewater tank rounds off the build. All things considered, the qualities of the GEV Adventure Truck shine brighter the further the customer ventures away from civilization.

The GXV molded body comes in white as standard, made from fiberglass composite for strength and lightness. The dual-paned acrylic windows come with integrated blinds and screens to ensure privacy. In regard to storage, Global Expedition Vehicles includes two underbody storage boxes and an indispensable roof rack.