Dual Pane Acrylic Windows

The extra pane of acrylic allows for better insulation than a standard single pane window. Open your window to a 70-degree angle to allow the breeze to flow through. Additional features include UV protection, adjustable/shift able block-out shade and bug screen, and 3 position stop. Ideal for a 60mm wall panel. These windows come with multiple latches for added security. A perfect fit for any RV or Expedition Vehicle.

 Item Name Inches Millimeters
5045 19.5"x17.75" 500x450mm
7055 27.5"x21.5" 700x550mm
9050 35.5"x19.5" 900x500mm
9055 35.5"x21.5" 900x550mm
1060 39.25"x23.5" 1000x600mm
1155 43.25"x21.5" 1100x550mm